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Cougar athletes work hard in the classroom and on the field. We value the support for our student athletes and offer the following programs: football, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, softball, and track. 

Please email Haleem Barnes, Athletic Director, or Charia Holmes, Assistant Athletic Director for more information.

Visit the district's website to download a copy of the Parent Resources and Athletics Handbook

Purchase Tickets

To purchase tickets to Lady's Island Middle School Events, bookmark Home Town Ticketing.

Athletics Calendar

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat/Sun
Mon, Dec 26
Tue, Dec 27
Wed, Dec 28
Thu, Dec 29
Fri, Dec 30
Sat, Dec 31
Sun, Jan 1
Mon, Jan 2
Tue, Jan 3
Wed, Jan 4
Thu, Jan 5
Fri, Jan 6
Sat, Jan 7
Sun, Jan 8
Mon, Jan 9
Tue, Jan 10
Wed, Jan 11
Thu, Jan 12
Fri, Jan 13
Sat, Jan 14
Sun, Jan 15
Mon, Jan 16
Tue, Jan 17
Wed, Jan 18
Thu, Jan 19
Fri, Jan 20
Sat, Jan 21
Sun, Jan 22
Mon, Jan 23
Tue, Jan 24
Wed, Jan 25
Thu, Jan 26
Fri, Jan 27
Sat, Jan 28
Sun, Jan 29
Mon, Jan 30
Tue, Jan 31
Wed, Feb 1
Thu, Feb 2
Fri, Feb 3
Sat, Feb 4
Sun, Feb 5